Eat: La Diperie

Based in Montreal, La Diperie opened its first Toronto location serving customizable dipped ice cream.

They do have signature ones, but what’s the fun in that?

The base of the ice cream is just vanilla, but it’s thick and serves as a really good base whatever else you want on your ice cream. Size range from mini for $1 to a waffle for $6. Dip ($1) offerings include white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and some non-conventional ones like chili, fleur de sel and honey lavender. Toppings are $0.50 each.


I kept it simple with just cacao 70 (70% dark chocolate) dip with crushed peanuts. The more outrageous you do, the more costly it gets.

Unlike an ice cream place (that shall not be mentioned), I can taste the ice cream. So close to home, you know I’ll be back.

La Diperie
372 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4K 1P1


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