Eat: Lobster Monster

I attended a charity event a few months ago at Lobster Monster and fell in love with their lobster poutine with lobster bisque and maple syrup. I’m not a fan of poutine, but this was next level. Think stretchy, melty cheese, fries and chunks of lobster meat.

I ended up winning a gift certificate and decided that I would bring my brother here for the poutine. The owners, Marianne and Steve have worked hard to create a restaurant dedicated to lobster, something that was once consider a poor people food, but now can be an expensive meal alone. The restaurant is homey; you do feel like home based on the hospitality.

Unfortunately, I lost the picture of the poutine (it’s somewhere on my Instagram though from the charity event).

IMG_3519.jpgJust Can’t Have One Bruschetta. Garlicky good. I do prefer no cheese though.

Talkin’ Lobster Tacos. No cheese on this, which is a huge plus. Full of crunch and the salsa provided does give a bit of a heat kick.

I also got a lobster croissant roll to bring home for my parents to try. It was something we had at the event and loved it.

Lobster Monster
3249 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M4N 2L5

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