Eat: Ufficio

There is something about Ufficio (office in Italian). It is not like any other Italian restaurant.


It’s purely pescatarian — dishes are purely centred on seafood and vegetables. While meat eaters may scowl, the dishes are still worth trying. Vegetarians can also enjoy the seafood-less dishes too.

img_3574Strawberry Bellini ($12) – prosecco and Ontario strawberry purée.
Gin and Tonic.

img_3579Conserva Di Tonno ($16) – poached Albacore tuna with Ontario heirloom tomatoes and pesto

img_3583Spaghetti Con Gamberi e Vongole ($27) – BC savoury clams, side stripe prawns, bottarga and chili.

img_3586Polpo Alla Griglia ($31) – grilled octopus, black chickpea ragu, pickled cherry tomatoes and Ontario arugula.

IMG_3594.jpgMirtillo Cannoli ($10) – cannoli leaves layered with popcorn crema, wild blueberries and shaved caramelized white chocolate.

It’s light and you don’t leave with a heavy feeling. If you’re not feeling up to a meaty Italian meal, you have this.

1214 Dundas St. W
Toronto, ON
M6J 3B1


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