Eat: Death in Venice

Death in Venice makes unique and seasonal flavour gelato and sorbetti (sorbet). One of their flavours, Ricotta, rosemary and lemon was a winner in Chopped Canada. Flavours are in rotation at their storefront location on Queen West.

For vegans and lactose-intolerant, some of their offers are made with coconut milk, rice milk and almond milk. Most are also gluten-free.


Jeff and I shared the Honeydew mint sambuca sorbet, which is vegan.
Jeff loves honeydew and we really taste the melon in this, with a undertone of mint. Texture-wise, its not a typical icy sorbet. Rather, there is a bit of smoothness so you’re not eating frozen fruit juice.

Death in Venice
536 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5V 2B5


2 thoughts on “Eat: Death in Venice

    • I tried their pop-up at Union too and was immediately blown away by the kaffir lime yogurt gelato.
      Definitely do visit their Queen West location, more flavours there. Not sure if they will close for the season though.

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