Eat: Petit Potato

Petit Potato. It has nothing to do with French. It has nothing to do potatoes. It’s not even small. Petit Potato is a Taiwanese-Japanese restaurant located in the Finch/Leslie plaza where patrons can get bubble tea, snacks, Japanese-inspired dishes and more. But, one thing this place is known for is the Special French Honey Golden Toasts.

You are going to need this shovel to dig yourself a grave after eating the brick toast…

IMG_3700.jpgTofu Salad with sesame dressing ($5.99)

img_3703Popcorn chicken ($7.75)


Deep fried chicken knee caps (aka chicken cartilage, $6.99). On the take-out and online menu, it will say chicken cartilage, but the menu we got while dining in said knee caps. Of course seeing knee caps on the menu, we were immediately intrigue. In fact, the chicken cartilage is basically the joint between the drumstick and thigh. With the little portion of meat, the chewy cartilage and the crispy batter, it was quite interesting. Definitely don’t dismiss it, I thought it was better than the typical asian snack of popcorn chicken.

Oreo Special Golden Toast, $14.99

Here comes those overhyped Special French Honey Golden Toast. You are staring death in the face with these. Petit Potato doesn’t hide the fact that these are monstrosities, at 10″ tall (or so Petit Potato advertised, we should have brought a measuring tape to prove its height), you do not want to eat this by yourself. In fact, I don’t even recommend ordering it at all. Here’s why:

1. They say to allow 30 minutes to prepare. It shouldn’t take 30 minutes to  put together STALE bread, whipped cream, ice cream and miscellaneous topping. Did I mention STALE BREAD?

2. The “farm” utensils they provide can’t even cut through the bread.

3. A lot of wasted food with this, regardless of whether you finish it or not.

4. The novelty wears off 5 minutes into eating this, then it’s regret for the rest of the duration.

5. The take-out menu has the $12.99 price listed, but on the menu, it’s $14.99. Whether they upped the price because of the popularity and instagram-worthy (after all, they’ve opened only a few months ago) of these “things”, it’s not worth it at $14.99 OR $12.99.

Mango Special Golden Toast, $14.99. The top section toppled a few minutes after taking the picture LOLOL GROSS.

Despite my disgust, The brick toasts doesn’t need to be so excessive. It would have been a great dessert if it was 10x smaller.

Thankfully, Petit Potato is out of my way to warrant a second or multiple visits. But if you’re here, do yourself a favour and get the chicken knee caps. Skip the brick toasts.

Petit Potato
10 Ravel Rd., Unit 1-2
Toronto, ON
M2H 1S8


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