Eat: Little Piggy’s

Back in the day, I would avoid Korean BBQ, it was a meal that was majority meat, especially if you did the all-you-can-eat, which was seen as a value on what we could afford on our high school and post-secondary budget.

Also, you’d come out smelling like BBQ, especially if the ventilation is terrible.

Little Piggy’s is a relatively new Korean BBQ restaurant on Bloor, very close to the main section of Koreatown. Menu offer more than just meats to go on the grill; cooked dishes such as bibimbap, stews and more.

When it came to the BBQ, Little Piggy’s uses induction cooktops, which is much easier on the air you breath and your clothes. Meat selection isn’t as extensive though, only three choices of beef (boneless rib, prime rib marinated in garlic sauce and Korean-style marinated beef rib) and three choices of pork (belly, Korean-style marinated ribs and boneless rib marinated in garlic sauce). The meat is also pre-grilled over charcoal.


Pork belly on the induction grill ($35.90 for the mandatory two servings). It comes with lettuce, which you can wrap the meat with.


Korean Sweet Corn Pizza ($7.95) – sweet corn and condensed milk.
Tteok Bokki (rice cake, $7.95) – cabbage, green onions and onions in gochujang (Korean chili paste). Not a lot of rice cake and lots of onions. Not really worth getting.


UFO Fried Rice ($12.95). We got the bacon and kimchi one. Nothing really special, but the steamed egg was silky smooth.

We got the Webfoot Octopus Cheese Fondue (not shown, $37.95 for mandatory serving of two) – octopus with gochujang, vegetables. You dip it into the a pot of melting cheese, sweet corn and steamed egg. The problem with this was the failure of the fondue; the cheese didn’t quite melt properly as the fondue pot was not hot enough.


We got bottles of the grapefruit soju ($19.95/bottle). Refreshing but quite sweet. We felt it wasn’t enough alcohol either so we ordered some soju and poured it in. I don’t recommend doing that.

One thing to note is apparently, they do not take reservations on weekends (??). We called in and we were told that. However, there was a table with a reserved sign on it and one of the server said to us, “oh that table is celebrating a birthday too”.

Overall, I’m not really impressed. It’s a little expensive for Korean BBQ.

Little Piggy’s
469 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, ON
M5S 1X9


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