Eat: La Carnita (Queen East location)

With multiple locations in Toronto, I have finally tried out La Carnita. Keep in mind, Mexican food and I are still relatively okay with each other.

Came here with my brother for dinner. We tried to dine here once as it’s close to where we live but there was a line for tables. Little did we know, the place is actually bigger than in looks; there are more seating towards the back.

If you’re looking for a quiet night, La Carnita is not the place. But for decent tacos, yes. Also, dietary restrictions are taking into consideration; our server inquired and I asked for no cheese. Cue in the light of salvation when I did not get a weird look or a “sorry, we cannot do that”. Bless you, La Carnita. One of my worries about going to Mexican restaurants is that I wouldn’t be able to eat 80% of what’s on the menu because it had cheese in it. But I get it when modifications are frown upon, partly what makes a good taco is the cheese.

I do apologize for the quality of the photos… the lighting is terrible.

IMG_3855.jpgCarnita ($4.95 each) – confit pork, jalapeño sauce, mango salsa, queso añejo (omitted), guacamole, chicharron and cilantro.

IMG_3856.jpgPollo Frito ($4.95 each) – crispy chicken thigh, peanut mole, honey, Rossy’s hot sauce, green cabbage and salsa fresco.

IMG_3857.jpgTostada de Ceviche ($6.50 each) – Albacore Tuna, guacamole, coconut milk, habanero, tomato and cucumber. Beef Short Rib ($5.50 each) – Ancho braised short rib, lime avocado, green cabbage, pickled jalapeño, crispy shallots, queso anejo and charred pepper sauce

IMG_3858.jpgIn Cod We Trust ($4.95 each) – Cod, Voltron sauce, lime crema, pickled red cabbage, green apple and cilantro.

My favourite would have to be the Carnita, it’s sweet and spicy.

For dessert, we ordered paletas ($4 each) – essentially frozen popsicles. Flavours vary. The paletas are from La Carnita’s sibling, Sweet Jesus. Yes, that Sweet Jesus. I have my gripes about Sweet Jesus, but I’ll give them credit for the paletas… they are 100x better than the ice cream concoctions.

My brother had Key Lime Pie. I had the Cookie Monster, which was frozen cream pop with entire Oreos inside and covered in Oreo cookie crumbs. So messy, but it was really good.

La Carnita
780 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1H4


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