Eat: Swatow Restaurant

Swatow Restaurant holds a special place in Jeff’s heart. It’s a spot where he and his good friend, Ben go to for late night eats or when they crave for the house special noodle.

I jokingly say that we shouldn’t go to Swatow, it’s his and Ben’s date spot.

Swatow is a popular spot in Chinatown (lines up during dinner hours is not uncommon). Having been around for decades; regulars know what to order and for newbies like me, well… it just felt like I was back in Hong Kong at a cha chaan tang (café, 茶餐厅). It’s not fancy by any means– very bare-bone. It’s like it never changed over the years since it opened.

When Jeff is here, he usually gets the Swatow Special Noodle Soup ($8.99), which consist of egg wonton noodles and beef brisket and miscellaneous offals. There was a table nearby of young adults ordering the same special noodle soup.

I got the Wonton Noodle Soup ($5.50). Unlike the ones back in HK, the portions are much larger here, but you get more noodles than wontons. Kind of makes you more appreciative of the ones back in HK, portions may be smaller and more expensive, but there was a good balance of noodles and wontons.

Will definitely come back here to try other dishes, after all, this is Chinese comfort food for me. Don’t be afraid of the line ups, it is a type of place where you get your food quick.

Swatow Restaurant
309 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5T 2E6

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