Coffee Break: Café Venosa

With time to kill after brunch and bagels before our train ride home, we stumbled upon Café Venosa, a café that is also a space for adoptive cats.


Yes, a cat café with a purpose of reducing animal overpopulation in shelters. The cats around the cafe are adoptable and once a cat has been adopted, another cat from the animal shelter takes its place in hopes of being adopted. You can consider it an off-site adoption.

I believe we have two cat cafés at home, one of which the cats are owned by the owner, and the other one is like Café Venosa though it’s operated a little differently and went through a bit of some bad allegations.


Then again, this is our first time in a cat café and there are rules to follow, especially when you are around live animals. The café itself is clean and my concern about cat cafés in general is how patrons would be around the cats. One of the rules are to not pick up any cats or wake them while they are sleeping. For the most part, the cats are sleeping somewhere or sitting in a corner and everyone was either among themselves, or gently petting a sitting cat.


Food and drink-wise, Café is vegan; almond or soy milk to go with your coffee beverages. Service-wise, it was slow to get someone to come take our order and slow to get our order.


Maybe being around cats make you mellow.

Café Venosa
4433 St. Denis St.
Montreal, Quebec
H2J 2L2

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