Eat: Le Baratin


If there is one restaurant that I would give a ton of love to this year, it would be Le Baratin. Formerly Bivy Café (but still under the same owner), Le Baratin is a french bistro that a) is not pretentious; b) is not expensive and c) doesn’t have fancy, hoity-toity food.

The chef, Jean Regis came to Toronto seven years ago and brought with him l’art de vivre (the art of life) through French cuisine.

The food at Le Baratin is classic French, but with a modern twist. French techniques, but the results are pretty hearty dishes.

img_4564Gravlax ($10) – house cured salmon with radish and toast. I can eat smoked/cured salmon on it’s own, so it’s no brainer that I would very much enjoy this “amuse-bouche” sharing dish. Amuse-bouche means mouth amuser; to tease your palate before the main meal. The grainy mustard aioli gives a little kick.

img_4566Steak Frites ($20) – marinated flank steak with shallots and peppercorn sauce, mixed green and frites.

img_4570Confit de Canard ($20) – slow cooked duck leg in fat with roasted fingerling potatoes and mushrooms in a red wine sauce. The duck leg is so tender and fall off the bone. The sauce is a little salty though.


For dessert, we shared the Mousse au Chocolat ($7), topped with whipped cream. Very smooth and light.

It’s definitely now one mine and Jeff’s favourite restaurant in the city. They also offer brunch too!

Le Baratin
1600 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M6K 1T8

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