Eat: QQ Thai Ice Cream

It’s rare that I make it out to anywhere outside of downtown Toronto, but after a hike around Rouge Park, I am craving for something sweet.

Hello QQ Thai Ice Cream, one of the spots to offer one of the ice cream craze of this Summer. My brother has never tried Thai rolled ice cream, so this was a chance for him to see what it all about.

Taro Taro ($6.50) with condensed milk, fruit loops, mango and boba.

Unfortunately, the experience at Arctic Bites was so underwhelming that I have no further want of trying any Thai rolled ice cream. I can say that QQ Thai is slightly better. Same price as Arctic Bites, but out of the way if you’re a downtowner. There were disappointments though.

1. While the images on the menu is only indicative, we were asked what three toppings we wanted and that was it. Where’s the Pocky sticks?

2. The staff was more interested in going to whatever he was doing on his phone. Hence no Pocky sticks. I shouldn’t have to ask if other customers are getting it automatically with their ice cream.

3. The grossly artificial coloured ice cream. I was shocked how purple the taro and how green the matcha was. Especially the taro. Despite how abnormal the colours were, the taro had some flavours of taro when compared to Arctic Bites. Correct me if I’m wrong though, but I doubt there’s real taro and matcha powder used.

4. Texture is not really smooth. It didn’t melt as fast, but it got clumpy.

The Green Giant ($6.50) with chocolate drizzle, mango, boba and strawberry.

No line up and service was quicker (after all, we were the only ones there when we came in). Perhaps Thai rolled ice cream is not my thing. My brother wasn’t really impressed, aside from the “show” of how the rolled ice cream is made.

QQ to me for spending $6.50 for close to mediocre rolled ice cream (again) or QQ to just quit the whole gimmick. There’s always 100x better ice cream elsewhere.

QQ Thai Ice Cream
3278 Midland Ave., Unit D117
Toronto, ON
M1V 0C4


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