Eat: Kasa Moto

It’s very rare that I find myself in Yorkville, much less eat in the neighbourhood. It’s a ritzy neighbourhood that in some cases, you may be paying ritzy prices and feel a little dissatisfied. Mind you, this can happen at any pricey restaurant in any area; everyone’s experience is different.


When I think of brunch, I don’t think of going to Yorkville but here I am, at Kasa Moto, a contemporary Japanese restaurant… for brunch. I secretly think it’s a little absurd, but I’m keeping an open mind.

Kasa Moto is owned by The Chase Hospitality Group, whose restaurant roster includes Little Fin, Collette Grand Café and the pricey The Chase. Essentially, they have a reputation to uphold.

IMG_4691.jpgThe Kinoko Salad ($13) – wild mushrooms, soy butter and enoki tempura. We got this thinking that our brunch won’t be very substantial. Surprisingly, this is pretty good. Mushrooms are sponges — they absorb flavours and this was very flavourful.

The Breakfast Bento ($19) comes with fried rice with eggs and salmon, glazed pork belly and yam tempura.

The fancy green salad that came with the bento.

IMG_4696.jpgSalmon Tataki on Toast ($18) – avocado, wasabi cream and poached egg on seeded sourdough.

IMG_4697.jpgSweet Potato and Pork Belly Hash ($12) – roasted sweet potato, crispy pork belly and garlic tentsuyu. It was good, albeit oily and the pieces of pork belly were on the dry side.

IMG_4698.jpgBreakfast Kamameshi ($14) – brown rice and quinoa, condensed milk, maple syrup, granola and fresh fruit. It’s very interesting, think of it as a sweet equivalent of fried rice (except this is not fried). It was brought out on the table and the server would mix the granola, fruit, syrup and condensed milk in front of you.

Ok, the brunch was good, but nothing really special for a premium price and the presentation. Most of the dishes on the menu are sharable with the exception of the bento. When you think about it, the hash, kamameshi and the bento can be made at home.

Kasa Moto
115 Yorkville Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5R 1B9

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