Drink: Matcha Tea & Dessert

As the name says, Matcha Tea & Dessert serves all things matcha. I learned of this place at Sweetery Toronto, a food festival dedicated to all things dessert that occurs in August. At the time, the business was in the process of opening up a store location.


While we were invited to attend their tasting event prior to their grand opening, both Jeff and I were in Montreal. One thing I tried at Sweetery was their Matcha Hokkaido Lava Cake, which was soft and lovely with the liquid-y matcha at the bottom.


With the drinks, this is where things kind of fail. I order their uji matcha drink, ujicha ($5.25). Uji matcha is one of the finest matcha available and when you make it to a drink, do it justice! Their “ujicha”, was brought to me in a cup size so large like a Starbucks Venti, I guffawed. It is brewed in milk. So much so that I can barely taste the matcha.


Matcha Tea & Dessert
407 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5T 2G6

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