Eat: Sushi Kaji Restaurant


It may not look like much from outside, but Sushi Kaji is one of the long standing Japanese restaurant that serves omakase. Located in the Etobicoke on a strip mall on Queensway, you wouldn’t expect a restaurant of that calibre to be in Etobicoke.

After all, what is in Etobicoke?


Reservation is a must for a restaurant like this, maybe just 20-some seats and the best seats in the house is always at the bar. We were a group of seven and were seated a table.

Just a warning, this post is picture-heavy and some pictures are not really focused as the lighting wasn’t ideal and my camera was not cooperating.

We did the $130/person Takumi menu. Due to the nature of omakase, dishes will vary based on seasonality.

Scallop from Hokkaido, Japan with wasabi sauce, cucumber and tomatillo.
Seaweed gomaae with sesame dressing
Vinegared chicken, done Nanban-style. Nanban means “foreign”, in this case, westernized food that are adapted to suit Japanese tastes.
Sashimi time!


Sea Bream and Amberjack

We got two kinds of Mackerel: Spanish Mackerel and Horse Mackerel. Octopus from Greece and chutoro (medium fatty tuna).

Crab and shiso leaf
Radish salad
Grilled Black Cod with peashoot and lemon miso sauce, done saikyo style. Saikyo means West City in Japanese and is also the former name of Kyoto, where white miso, or saikyo miso originated. White miso is a sweeter, more mild variety of miso, which is perfect for the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth black cod. The leaf is Japanese Maple.

Because we were a large group, the nigiri sushi were brought out in plates but if you were sitting at the bar, you’d get the sushi placed in front of you individually.

Mackerel and octopus with garlic sauce

Botan Ebi (shrimp) with yuzu dressing. Chutoro (medium fatty tuna).

Sadly I don’t remember what the left one is. The right is otoro (tuna belly).

I don’t remember what the left one is. The right is eel with yuzu and soy.

Mackerel with black garlic sauce
Yuzu panna cotta
Matcha, chocolate and red bean cake
Vanilla ice cream and red bean

Overall, it was a satisfying omakase dinner; I walked out feeling just full. I think the experience would have been better if we were sitting at the bar, but for obvious reason we couldn’t have the bar. There was a lot of yuzu flavours, which one of the foodies is not a fan of, but keep in mind that this is not a reflective of what is usually served here.

Sushi Kaji Restaurant
860 The Queensway
Etobicoke, ON
M8Z 1N7


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