Eat: LOCAL Public Eatery (Liberty Village)

When two very popular spots have more than an hour wait for a table, there’s not much alternatives in a neighbourhood I’ve always considered to be a food desert. Feeling  very hungry, we went to LOCAL Public Eatery (Liberty Village location) when Jeff said he’s been there for drinks and the food was decent.

LOCAL Public Eatery is essentially a bar with a vibe that caters to 20-30 year olds. We came on a Sunday and it was busy; quite typical of restaurants in the area during peak “brunch” hours. The wait wasn’t as long as an hour or more, so we waited for a table.

The disappointing stay began once we were seated after a 15-20 minute wait.

First, when a staff gave us a bottle of water and water glasses, I noticed that one of the glasses was dirty– lip marks and crumbs stuck on the glass! So disgusting. Because the restaurant was busy, staff was occupied and all over the place; I couldn’t find the original person that gave us the glasses, so I had to flag down anyone walking by to give me a new glass. I didn’t get an apology, is dirty glassware a norm here?

Second, the food…

IMG_4957.jpgEggs Benedict ($12) – Poached free-range eggs, back bacon, hollandaise and a shot of strawberry banana smoothie.

IMG_4956.jpgSteak & Eggs ($18) – Free range eggs, 6 oz grilled flat iron steak & country potatoes

Before I start, the food wasn’t bad and I would have enjoyed it more if it didn’t arrive borderline cold. Was it just sitting around, waiting for someone to bring it to the table?? Like the dirty glass, I understand that this is also easily fixed, but the wait for the food to arrive was long, imagine another wait for the damn food to be reheated and brought back.

Lastly, paying the bill. There was a wait to get the bill and there was a wait to pay it. In fact, after we were given the bill, our server said she would be back in a few minutes with the POS terminal. A few minutes turned into having to flag her down and she admitted she forgot. Again, I get that it’s busy, but OY VEY.

Please note, LOCAL commented on my Instagram post when I commented on lukewarm food and dirty glassware and they requested I send them a Direct Message with my contact information to discuss the less than stellar experience. DM sent and I have yet to get a response (they didn’t even read the DM).

I don’t like to bitch and my record of sending dishes back is still sitting at one, so when you ask me to tell you since you “take every piece of feedback seriously”… here you go, LOCAL. You can consider this my summary of this “less than stellar” experience.

I don’t expect very much to come out of it anyways.

LOCAL Public Eatery
171 East Liberty St., Unit 100
Toronto, ON
M6K 3P6


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