Eat: Morals Village Hot Pot (Chinatown location)

Morals Village Hot Pot is a hot pot chain based in China. It’s more on the premium end of hot pot restaurants. They have multiple locations in the GTA, we went to their Chinatown location.


Some tables have individual stoves so you can have your own pot if you happen to sit at one of these tables, and some tables have stoves where you have to share with the person sitting in front of you. You can ask for individual stove, but you’ll be told they cannot guarantee it.

As an All-You-Can-Eat place, the mentality would be to order as much as you can at one go, but definitely do not do that. Chances are, only 60% of what you order will arrive on the table.

One thing to note about eating at (most) Asian restaurants is, don’t expect good service. It’s extremely terrible here. With staff huddling around, you’d think that someone would come to your table when you flag someone, but the case was a staff flagging another staff to help you.

Value? No value here. Other hot pot places charge a base price per person, which includes basic soup broths. At Morals, you’re charged a base price (like most AYCE, it’s more expensive on weekends), additional for broth, extras for drinks, etc. etc. It adds up. At the end, it was about $45/person.

I found that they offer quality ingredients, some of which are not offered at other hot pot restaurants, but other than that everything else about Morals fell short.

Morals Village Hot Pot
436 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON
M5T 1G7

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