Eat: Fat Ninja Bite

No Juicy Lucy here.

Across from Pacific Mall is Fat Ninja Bite, a Japanese/Korean take-out eatery specializing in fried, breaded meat cutlet like pork or chicken. There are very limited seating.


Fat Ninja Bite a b-int.jpg
They are well-known for their bigger than big burger. If you have a big appetite, then this burger is for you. I know that I’d probably have to cut it in half and share it if I had it.

Katsu Don (pork) Burger – $8.99

I had the Chicken Katsu with Rice ($8.99). The breadcrumbs are made in-house. The chicken itself was tender and the exterior is crispy. I kind of wished there was a bit more tonkatsu sauce (Japanese-style BBQ sauce) and felt it would go well with curry sauce.

Nonetheless, the meal is filling and nicely priced for the amount you get.

Fat Ninja Bite
3517 Kennedy Rd., Unit 1
Toronto, ON
M1V 4Y3



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