Eat: Delysées

We’re in the process of settling in to our new place. We spent most of yesterday cleaning the smelly dishwasher with a heavy wash of vinegar and then sprinkling baking soda, leaving it overnight and then running a normal wash. As I type this, the dishwasher stopped running and hopefully won’t smell.

We also spent the day cleaning the oven, which was so grimy, it was like our landlord exploded a few chickens in there. Prior to us moving in, everything was cleaned except for those appliances.

However, we also got our sofa delivered yesterday and now waiting for our counter stools. Everything else we discover we need to get will eventually come, but we are glad that the main things are almost done. Anyways, Jeff is still in bed and I have this quiet time to catch up on backlog posts.

Over the holidays, my brother went to get some macarons from Delysées, a French patisserie after hearing they have some champagne macarons. Macarons is one of those things where you don’t remember what you got. Three of them are Earl Grey Blueberry Champagne, Champagne Lemon and Strawberry Birthday Cake.


They aren’t too sweet and the champagne ones, you do taste a hint of the champagne sans bubbly.

780 King St. West
Toronto, ON
M5V 1C9


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