Eat: Barque Smokehouse

Meat? Smokehouse? Oh, you got my attention. Located in the neighbourhood of Roncesvalles is Barque Smokehouse, a popular brunch/meal-with-smoked-meat goodness spot. They have a butcher bar a few doors away where you can take home smoked meat.

What drawn us here is the Smoked Duck Pancakes, a plate of sweet and savoury. Apparently, it’s damn good.

I had the sunnyside-up egg with pork hash, smoked bacon and toast. The traditional egg, meat and toast breakfast/brunch but with some specialty. The chipotle BBQ pork hash was a little spicy for me, but this is very decent, satisfying portion.

My brother got the pancake. I had a piece of it and is it worth it? Yes. You have the fluffy pancake (sorry Mildred’s!), sweet blueberry compote and the salty, smoky duck meat. You get the drift…

img_5437Fried or Scrambled Eggs ($16) – two eggs with chipotle BBQ pork hash, candied smoked bacon and toast.

Smoked Duck Pancakes ($16) – blueberry compote, whipped chèvre.

Recommend to make reservations (they accept brunch reservations). Family-friendly.

Barque Smokehouse
299 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6R 2M3

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