Eat: Otto’s Bierhalle

Otto’s Bierhalle is what you’d expect in a German beer hall: meats and extensive selection of beer– local and imported. It’s a great place for friends to gather and the great thing is, they do take reservations.

Sorry for the quality, the place was dim.

I took my brother whose beverage of choice is beer if given the option. I made reservations for a Friday night, which was a good idea as there was a line for seats at 7:00pm and beyond.

The food are sharable if you choose the feasts, which are platters of cured  meats, salad, etc. If you don’t do the platters, but the build your own plate, I reckon that you may not get full on an empty stomach as the portion are not huge. There was a group  of eight people sitting at a communal bench table behind my brother whom ordered a salad and was shocked at how small the portion was– definitely not enough to share amongst eight.

A pint of Paulaner Munich Lager, $8.50. It was my first time finishing a pint of beer, haha.
My brother’s 4oz Schnitzel ($6) and a side of Spatz and Cheese ($8) – German egg noodles in cream, gouda, raclette and le douanier cheese, topped with crispy kale potato crisps.

I ordered the Rouladen ($10), a beef tenderloin dish with rolled beef stuffed with smoked cured beef, house pickles, mushrooms, caramelized onions and mustard. I got a side of roasted brussels sprouts ($4.50). It was pretty good with the salty beef, sour notes of pickle and slight heat if you spread mustard on it.


We were still a bit hungry so we got the Brotzeit ($16) – a cheese and charcuterie plate with Westphalian ham, speck, Liverwurst, German Summer sausage, Cambozola, goat gouda, Le Douanier, house pickles and cherry compote. I love charcuterie plates…

Again, it’s a great place for group to just come in, have a few bites and enjoy pints of beer. Don’t expect full meals though and can get pricey if not sharing.

On another note, take a visit to the washroom… 🙂

Edit: Came back to Otto’s Bierhalle for brunch.

Brunch feasts is good for up to three people, but a fourth person should be fine.

The Full Otto ($40) – seared pork belly, bockwurst sausage, smoked breakfast sausage, 6 poached eggs with hollandaise, potatoes with caramelized onions, grape tomato arugula salad with pine nuts, curry beans, brioche bread and fruit.

Otto’s Bierhalle
1087 Queen St., West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1H3


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