Eat: Square Fish

There was a time that sushi was just, sushi. Unadulterated. Unmodified. Now, there’s sushi burrito, sushi burger, etc. Add square sushi to list.


Square Fish is a tiny spot offering square-shaped sushi and sushi doughnut burger, dubbed doshi. With only less than five seats, Square Fish is more of a take-out place.

For the square sushi, we ordered the Signature ($11), which came with 8 pieces of sushi.

Salmon (2 pc) – Atlantic salmon, ikura, spicy aioli.
California (2 pc) – crabmeat salad, avocado, tobiko, avocado puree, black sesame and nori.
Tuna (1 pc) – Ahi tuna, soy marinated tuna, yuzu tobiko.
Cucumber Avocado (1 pc) – cucumber, avocado, avocado puree, black sesame and nori.
Shrimp (1 pc) – shrimp, wasabi tobiko and wasabi aioli.
Red Beet (1 pc) – red beet, avocado, avocado puree, black sesame and nori

Despite the aesthetic, personally I thought the square sushi were basic. Out of the six, my favourite was the salmon with the cured salmon in the middle, giving an extra flavour to the sushi.


Next, we got the Salmon Doshi ($8), made with Atlantic salmon, avocado, black sesame, lettuce, crabmeat salad, seaweed salad, edamame, sweet corn, mango, tempura bits, tobiko, scallion and house special spicy aioli.

You can choose to have a crispy bottom, which is essentially deep fried rice and definitely do so! It gives an extra texture to the doshi. You can also choose to omit cheese, which I did. It is recommended to wrap the doshi with the paper it is served with and eat it as burger, however half of the doshi toppled and fell apart so we ate it in layers.

Is it a unique take on sushi? Not really. If anything, the doshi is worth a try if you are in the area.

Square Fish
461 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON.
M5V 2A9


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