Eat: Black Briik

Last month, I was invited to the grand opening of a restobar (restaurant bar) dedicated to all things 90s — think boybands, soulful R&B, iconic movies like Titanic, Pulp Fiction and THE LION KING.


Black Briik is opened by three longtime friends whom wanted to commemorate an iconic decade gone by.



We started with drinks. I tried one of their shots, the Stiff Briik with Jagermeister and Goldschlager.


We had the opportunity to try a good number of food in their menu, which a lot are deep fried, carb heavy food to soak up the alcohol. The Briik Poutine with mushroom gravy and mozzarella is shown here, but not individually.


Briik Dog – corn and jalapeno batter covered Briik sausage. A take on 90s corn dog. This is my favourite out of the food we tried. The sausage is longaniza, a Filipino sausage. It’s a sweet and slight savoury sausage and with the little bit of spiciness of the batter, it’s a good combination.

IMG_5800.jpgMac and Cheese Bites – deep fried creamy mac and cheese with bacon.

IMG_5794.jpgBriik Chili Fries Supreme with hand cut fries

IMG_5803Pulled Pork Slider – pork shoulder slow-cooked overnight, marinated in Kentucky Bastard bourbon beer.

IMG_5808Waffle – buttermilk Belgian waffle with cheese, green onions, bacon and maple syrup.

In terms of 90s, it’s mostly in the atmosphere; there’s 90s music playing, memorabilia and photos around. It is a fun place to reminiscent about that decade though. Vegetarian options are available.


Disclaimer: While the food and beverage was complimentary, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Black Briik
1077 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON
M6H 1M5

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