Recipe: Honey and Soy Glazed Chicken

Similar to the ginger garlic soy glazed chicken I made awhile ago, except without the ginger because Jeff really hates ginger. I used Martha Stewart’s recipe, except I used low-sodium soy sauce and seasoned lightly with salt. If you are using regular soy sauce, there’s no need to season with salt, or do it very liberally.


If you’re short on time like I am, I would recommend preparing the sauce (honey, soy and water) and marinate the chicken with the sauce the night before.

I do have a funny story with these chicken when Jeff and I made them the first time. Jeff mostly gets home from work before I do as he gets off half hour early and works downtown, whereas I work midtown and have to factor in commute time. Because of this, I would prep the night before and tell him what to do when he comes home. We made this during the first few weeks of moving into our place, and we weren’t quite equipped yet with proper tools or equipment because we were still moving things from our parents’ place.

At the time, I had a huge baking tray that I use to bake cookies. We didn’t have parchment paper yet either. The chicken drumsticks wouldn’t take up the entire baking tray, so I told him to make a little boat with foil where the chicken would cook there.

Instead, he lined the baking tray with foil and while baking, he said he was setting off the smoke alarm (because the sugar was burning). Fortunately, the drumsticks weren’t entire ruined and we finished it in a skillet instead.

It was a rookie mistake, but not a bad one. We definitely learned from it and that’s the point with cooking — it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from it. Lesson learned here is: PARCHMENT PAPER IS A MUST.



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