Eat: Souk Tabule

Located in the new neighbourhood of Canary District, Souk Tabule is a fast, casual concept spot; a stray away from their Tabule restaurants. It may be a little difficult to find this place as it can be easily missed if you’re driving or walking around, but once you find it, you’ll be greeted by really nice, insta-worthy space.


As a fast casual restaurant, you order at the front, they give you a table number and you find seats. Food will then be brought to you. Another thing to note about Souk Tabule is, it’s also a bit of a market where you can pick up products such as preserves, teas, and spices.

I came here with my brother for brunch. When we arrived, there was a line up at the counter and some people were holding paper menu. Even though they have a menu board, the paper menu has descriptions. A search for that paper was no where to be found and only available once someone was done with it. They need to print more.


I got the Shashuka ($11) with roasted tomato and red pepper sauce, three eggs and labni (strained yogurt). It’s one of their popular dishes and it’s really good with a bit of a kick. I did find the eggs a little to be overcooked.

Basterma Egg Scrambled pictured with Pomegranate Rose Lemonade ($4.50)

My brother got the Basterma Egg Scramble ($12) with cured beef, tomato and Arabic slaw (red and white cabbage, nigella seeds and lemon garlic dressing. The scramble came with their saj pita, a thin bread made in-house, which you can also spot someone making it.


We also got a side of Phoenician Fries ($4.50) with zaatar spices, tahini dressing and parsley. I thought there wasn’t much to the sauce to make the fries a little something extra. Also, the fries came way later after we  received our shashuka and egg scramble, so we were given baklava as a consolation for the wait.


Overall, the fast, casual concept is neat in the way that you just order at the counter, find a table and eat when the food arrives. But the concept still has some kinks to work out at Souk Tabule. Food is delicious though.

Souk Tabule
494 Front St. East
Toronto, ON
M5A 1H7


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