Eat: Double D’s

When something opens in the area of your old high school, you wonder why didn’t it open up when you were in high school. Why do good things happen once you leave?

Well, I wish I could say that about Double D’s, a pizza spot that specializes in Chicago-style deep dish pizza and boasts being the only one in Toronto (but not the only one in the GTA). It opened up with a lot of hype, so much so that there’s a wait for a table, but the wait can be contributed to a factor or two.

My brother took my mother and I to Double D’s. We thought about ordering delivery or pick up, so we called… multiple times but each time it went to voicemail that wasn’t set up.

No problem, pizza tastes better when it’s right out of the oven hot. So we went there to find a couple waiting for a table. We were next on the waiting list and luckily scored a table within 10 minutes of walking in, while the couple got seats at the bar.

Possibly one factor of waiting is the size of Double D’s (no pun intended), it’s a very small place. It maybe fits 30 diners maximum. Nonetheless, we placed our order and was told it would be 40 minutes: wait actor number two.

We also discover that no one picks up the phone when it rings. The place is loud with people chattering and music blaring, but between the noise, we could hear the phone ring and ring and it’s ignored. HOW THE HELL CAN PEOPLE ORDER TAKE OUT OR DELIVERY IF YOU DON’T PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE? AS A BUSINESS, WHY IS YOUR VOICEMAIL NOT SET UP??? We did notice that the staff were really busy, especially when more people came in, but it’s comical considering it’s a newly open business and they don’t bother setting up their voicemail.

Might as well ditch the phone.

Farmers Market – roasted red peppers, mushrooms, red onions and spinach (personal $12, small $20, medium $24 and large $29)

When the pizza arrive, we were a little awed by the size of it. Our large pizza is about 16″ in diameter. It’s enough to feed maybe 5 people. The awe of it died the moment we cut into it and eventually, the pizza deflated to look like an ordinary pizza. It is very saucy and cheesy, but I think with the amount of sauce and extra moisture content from the spinach, the pizza just couldn’t hold up. I saw some people ordered personal and small size and those looked like it held up fine. In fact, they look much better than the large pizza we got.


I wanted to like Double D’s, but I just wasn’t impressed with the execution of a “deep dish” pizza and it ended up just being an ordinary pizza to me — presentation and taste-wise. Also, it’s too long of a wait for pizza. I rather spend that 40 minutes at a place where I get my food in a timely manner.

Double D’s
1020 Gerrard St. East
Toronto, ON
M4M 1Z5

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