Eat: Oretta


The first thing you might notice about Oretta is the space– it’s really pretty. It’s a place where you can nom on pasta in an art-deco environment. The main dining space really envelopes you in rich colours and accent of gold, wood and marble.


The restaurant isn’t too fancy; being in King West, it’s also not a cheap spot, but it’s not going to break the bank much. We found ourselves at Oretta for dinner before going to see Book of Mormon. We requested the food arrive pretty much all at once as we couldn’t have a long dinner.

IMG_6267.jpgTagliere di Salumi ($18) – selection of three cured meats with pickles

IMG_6265.jpgFritto Misto ($14) – deep fried calamari, smelts, shrimp, haddock and beet chips. This calamari dish was pretty good; crispy on the outside and not overcooked. It inspired me to make some beet chips.

IMG_6268.jpgCavoletti ($14) – shaved Brussel sprouts, almonds, pickled red onion, pecorino and crispy prosciutto. People who have ordered this slightly tart Brussel sprout salad have said it’s the best salad on the menu and we couldn’t agree anymore. It’s a dish where a vegetable is the focus, everything else is just accompaniment.

IMG_6266.jpgAlpi ($19) – fontina, speck, caramelized pear and fresh thyme. Salty and sweet, it’s a recommended choice from our server when we asked about the choices of white pizzas.

IMG_6261.jpgMarinara ($16) – tomato, white anchovies, garlic and oregano. Most marinara pizza I’ve come across keeps it simple with just tomato sauce, oregano and maybe some basil leaves. The addition of the salty anchovies is nice.

IMG_6262.jpgTagliatelle ($19) – “Nonna Lea” ragu and Parmigiano Reggiano

IMG_6264Erbe di Campo ($7) – chard, dandelion, cabbage, roasted garlic and rosemary. If there’s one dish we would not order again, it would be this. It was pretty bland.

The food at Oretta isn’t really a wow-worthy, but it’s satisfactory in terms of a light to regular meal. The portion of the pasta isn’t a lot for the price, so best bet is to go with the pizza for a more filling meal.

633 King St. West
Toronto, ON
M5V 1M5


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