Eat: Planta

According to Planta, vegan is a lifestyle, plant-based is a diet. To me, plant-based is a rhetoric; a terminology to make the impression of vegan food less scary. After all, to meat-eaters, vegan is a territory they will never touch. At the end of the day, Planta is a vegan restaurant.


I asked Jeff to come to Planta with me, but he was like, no meat? No go. So I enlisted my brother whom tries anything to come with me.

The atmosphere of Planta is nothing like a vegan restaurant (think juice bar and copious amount of wheatgrass). It’s a pretty aesthetically pleasing place.

One thing I appreciate about Planta is, it’s just a typical restaurant. Green juice? Sure. Cocktails? Yes!

IMG_6289.jpgPeach (don’t kill my vibes) $14 – rose gin, pêche de vigne, lemon and soda water.

IMG_6292.jpgHabibi ($17.25) – cauliflower cous-cous, split pea fritters, lentils, parsley, mint, coriander, currants, sumac, za’atar and tahini dressing. It had a bit of heat from sumac.

The Planta Burger ($18.75) – fully loaded with queso, mushroom bacon, pickles, tomatillo ketchup and spiced fries.

My brother had the burger and he found it pretty decent for a veggie burger. Chef David Lee (formerly of Splendido and currently Nota Bene) spent time to create a patty that isn’t dry; the patty consists of black beans, mashed lentils, quinoa and beetroot. It doesn’t quite replace a good beef chuck patty, but it’s not dry. While it has a nice char on the outside, it does have a mush-like texture.

The Italian Job ($17) – tomato sauce, cashew mozzarella, farro, fennel sausage and mushroom bacon. the dough is made with 00 gluten-free flour. It’s pretty good for a vegan pizza, but the crust is a little tough to me. Also, the mushroom doesn’t taste like bacon.

Overall, Planta is a very decent vegan restaurant. I feel that those who are hesitant about vegan food should give Planta a try, they have more than just salads.

1221 Bay St.
Toronto, ON
M5R 3P5

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