Eat: Cafe Bene

While this place is a Korean cafe, Cafe Bene has no association with the Korean-based chain Caffe Bene. We do not have a Caffe Bene here in Toronto. I was invited by the owner of Cafe Bene for a private tasting.

The cafe is a little hard to find, it’s upstairs, above Chicken Monster (lol).

Rice Cake Milk Snowflake dessert ($9.99). In Korean, it’s called bingsu or bingsoo and texturally, it resembles thinly shredded coconut and it doesn’t melt as fast in the bowl, but melts once it hits your tongue. Many Korean cafés will have this kind, the injeolmi bingsu, which is essentially rice cake with toasted rice flower and almonds. It’s not too sweet and had a nice toasty flavour.

Bingsu dessert at Cafe Bene ranges from $9.99 to $13.99 and it’s good to share between two people.


We also tried one of their waffle dessert: Volcano Oreo Choco Waffle ($11.99) with two scoops of ice cream. I feel like these volcano waffles vary from the pictures, simply put together by what they have available. It’s the kind of dessert to share between 3-4 people. I thought with the sweet (but not fluffy) waffle, ice cream, fruits, cookie crumbs and whipped cream and other toppings, it’s a sugar overload.

Personally, the bingsu is the ideal choice at Cafe Bene, the rice cake one is something I would come back for. Also, do note that they have a policy where each person must order something, otherwise there is a $3 service charge. Kind of a cash grab if you ask me.

Disclaimer: While the food and beverage was complimentary, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Cafe Bene
5519 Yonge St.
North York, ON
M2N 5S1


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