Eat: Dazzling Cafe

Based in Taiwan, Dazzling Cafe has opened their second Canadian location on Sheppard, near Yonge. Dazzling Cafe is like a maid cafe of some sort; staff dress in professional, maid-like uniform.

The moment I stepped into Dazzling Cafe, I wasn’t in awe at how Alice in Wonderland-esque the cafe was. I felt more like a fish out of the water; it was a bit… tacky. White. Pink. Girly. Bunny ear chairs. Mad Hatter, where are you? It’s not a place I would think of going.

Environment aside, Dazzling Cafe offers some savoury dishes like pastas (but why would you get pasta in a place that isn’t Italian?), but they are known for their honey toasts. I have to give them credit… it’s probably the best thing on their menu. Desserts is probably the best thing on their menu.

I came here with some friends after dinner at Han Ba Tang. My friend Lisa has been to their Taiwan location and quite liked it. She did note that the ones in Taiwan put more effort in dazzling their customers, more fun. She didn’t find it the same here.

With the six of us, we decide to order three different honey toast to share. When the toasts arrive, there is is a bit of an aesthetic appeal. It’s nicely assembled, but we also wondered how to eat it. This is where the servers come into play– they cut it for you and serve a few pieces to each person, but that’s the extent they’ll do.

Strawberry Lover Honey Toast ($15.99). We did not order this, but the staff thought we did. We ended up getting it for free due to the error.

Mont-Blanc Honey Toast ($16.99)
Matcha Red Bean Honey Toast ($16.99). This one had green tea ice cream inside the toast.
Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast ($16.99)

Some toasts are sweeter than other, notably the Mont-Blanc one. Some had ice cream inside, while most had little cubed bits of bread that was stuffed back into the hollowed out cube toast. It’s a dessert best shared with two people if you haven’t eaten much prior and can be shared with three or more if you’ve had eaten something. Personally, I wouldn’t come back here; it’s not a place you’ll find me in and at the end of it all, it felt a bit of a gimmick.

Dazzling Cafe
37 Sheppard Ave. East
Toronto, ON
M2N 7K1


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