Eat: Magic Noodle (Harbord St. location)

When Jeff goes out to dinner with his friends, it’s opportunity for a solo dinner. I’ve been wanting to try Magic Noodle, a Chinese noodle spot known for hand pulled noodles in soups or stir-fried.

With four locations in the GTA, I went to their downtown location on Harbord, near University of Toronto. Magic Noodle can be considered a cheap eat spot; you can eat here for less than $20/person.

I had the Triple B ($8.49) hand-stretched noodle soup with beef stock, braised beef brisket, pickled turnip, cilantro (omit) and scallions. You can choose the thickness of your noodles, from thin, silk strings to thick curtain-like.

The Triple B is listed as spicy; it’s not too spicy, just a bit of heat. The noodles has a nice springy-ness to it but the broth could be a little more flavourful. They also skimp on the brisket too, although it was tender.

Overall, not bad for hand-pulled noodles, but I think better could be had elsewhere.

Magic Noodle
93 Harbord St.
Toronto, ON
M5S 1G4


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