Eat: Nando’s (Queen West location)

As an international chain, you should know Nando’s and how good (or not) their flame-grilled peri-peri chicken is. After all, their chicken is marinated for 24 hours. Even though I’ve heard good things about Nando’s, I’ve never had their food.

If you’ve never had Nando’s, as a Nando’s newbie, here is my advice: do not get the ¼ chicken if you’re hungry, because isn’t enough!

One bite… and it’s done!

I got the Lemon & Herb with PERi-PERi vegetables (¼  chicken with side is $10.85). The lemon and herb sauce isn’t spicy, rather it’s a bit tart and earthy from the herbs.

741 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1G1


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