Eat: Konnichiwa

At time of this post, Konnichiwa is currently closed due to a 5-alarm fire that occurred next door to the restaurant early this month. They are working on re-opening, but the question is when.

Konnichiwa used to be one of my favourite spot in Baldwin Village; this small, homey Japanese restaurant serves all sorts of traditional Japanese fare; you’ll find sushi, soupy noodle dishes, marinated grilled meat or seafood on rice, etc. Prices are a bit higher than the average Japanese restaurant though.

Sashimi Appetizer ($15.50). The menu states that you get about 10 pieces, but we definitely got more than 10. Fish was quite fresh and of good quality.

IMG_6626.jpgBarbecued Unagi ($20). It came with miso soup, rice and steamed vegetables.

Chirashi ($25) – sashimi and vegetables on seasoned rice. This is one of the most expensive chirashi I’ve had and frankly, not worth the price with the use of imitation crab. At $25, you shouldn’t use imitation crab. For $3 extra, the chirashi I had at Hana No Yuzu (although a much more higher-end Japanese restaurant…) had sea urchin in it.

IMG_6633.jpgMaple Tofu dessert. Soft tofu, maple syrup and green tea ice cream. Our green tea ice cream had freezer burn. 😐

I’d still go back to Konnichiwa, their ramen and udon soups are one of their best dishes on the menu, while other dishes are best avoided.

31 Baldwin Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1L2


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