Eat: Momofuku Daishō

If you’re familiar with the Momofuku brand and company, they have several restaurants beyond the noodle bar. Momofuku Daishō is located on the third floor of Momofuku Toronto. Daishō’s more like a steakhouse without the steakhouse setting and meat-heavy menu. They are known for their large format, family-style meal.

The large format meals are by reservation only and good for 4-10 people, depending on which dinner you choose. As a group of eight, we did the Bo Ssäm (ssäm is wrapped in Korean) dinner that is good for 6-10 people for $240 (not including additional food, drinks, taxes and tip).


The Bo Ssäm dinner entails one whole slow cooked pork butt that is cured overnight and slow roasted for 6-8 hours with a brown sugar and kosher salt rub, one dozen oysters, white rice, bibb lettuce, Ssäm Sauce (Korean BBQ sauce), kimchi and ginger scallion sauce (see video for a glimpse of the dinner).

You can eat the pork however you want, but the concept of Bo Ssäm is to use the bib lettuce, put a bit of pork in the lettuce, kimchi and with a dollop of sauce.


At first, we thought the pork itself was not going to be a large chunk of meat, but when it arrived on the table, it was a pretty amazing sight. There are some fatty sections, but majority of it is meat that just falls off the bone. The Ssäm Sauce is a little spicy for some heat, while the ginger scallion sauce is similar to the sauce you get with Hainan chicken.

Pickled cucumber is given in lieu of bread. Spicy, savoury and sweet. It inspired me to make a variation of pickled cucumber.
A side of Brussels Sprouts ($13) with fish sauce, puffed rice and mint.

Overall, the large format dinner is a very filling meal. We finished about 85% of the pork and while the staff was packing up the rest for us to take home, they told us it is pretty rare for a group to finish majority of the dinner and considering we did order a few sides, we did pretty good. The dinner can likely feed more than 10 people if you don’t order sides or if you all ate something a few hours prior to the dinner.

Momofuku Daishō
190 University Ave., 3rd floor
Toronto, ON
M5H 0A3


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