Eat: Baddies

When I first went to Baddies, I was really confused by their system. There was a wait for a table, but no line per se. There was bleacher across the room where patrons sat and assuming they were waiting for a table, we joined them at the bleacher and waited for quite some time. There were no directions from the staff so we eventually left. Perhaps it’s the laid-back Aussie attitude; I would know, I experienced it when I visited Melbourne in 2015. That laid-back attitude doesn’t quite work in North America and certainly not in the Toronto brunch scene where line-ups are common and staff taking names down for the next available table.

That was when Baddies just opened. Now, there’s more tables (but the bleacher is still there) and there’s a staff that somewhat directs patrons coming in. However, to understand the Baddies system, you have to order first, then they give you a wooden stick with a number painted on it. You can choose to sit and eat at the bleachers, or with the next table available, a staff will seat you down if you’re next in line for a table.

IMG_6637Matcha Latte ($4) – Ceremonial grade organic matcha.

IMG_6638.jpgAmericano ($3)
Housemade Sticky Chai Tea ($4) – honey soaked chai, spice medley with steamed oat milk.

IMG_6648Smashed Avocado ($9) – heirloom beet labneh, seasonal greens, pickled beet, roasted sweet potato, PB sourdough. Add slow-poached egg for ($2) and a side of bacon ($2.50)

IMG_6643.jpgChia Pudding ($7.50) – housemaid seasonal nectar, coconut chia, chocolate avow mousse. This vegan pudding will vary, this had honeydew kiwi lime nectar, oat milk, fruit, chocolate mousse and cocoa nibs.

Despite the somewhat unorganized system, it’s a decent brunch spot. Food is good, Instagram-worthy and ever-changing.

679 Lansdowne Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6H 3Y9


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