Eat: Egg Shop (New York City)

If you love eating eggs, then you’ll probably love Egg Shop. The menu is essentially egg-centric — sandwiches with eggs, poached, scrambled, hard-boiled, you name it. The dinner menu offers more than eggy dishes though.

But, we weren’t there for dinner. We were there for brunch. As it turns out, people are willing to wait for eggs. I was advised that there could be up to an hour wait for a table on a weekend. Thankfully, we went on a weekday and it was pouring rain, but there was still a wait of 20 minutes. We went next door to Café Integral to kill time (there seems to be a partnership between the cafe and Egg Shop for patrons waiting for a table).

The Scrambler ($12 USD) – roasted asparagus, tomato confit, scallions and pecorino (omitted).

IMG_6948Benedict ($12 USD) – poached egg, black forest bacon, gluten-free English muffin croutons and Meyer lemon yogurt citronette. Plus a side of hashbrowns ($4 USD).

The scrambled egg is like one of the perfect scrambled egg; creamy, soft and fluffy. I do wish that there were more asparagus though. We left satisfied though.

The eatery is small, cramped and you’ll likely bump elbows with people next to you. Is it worth the wait? For eggs… not an hour.

Egg Shop
151 Elizabeth St.
New York, NY 10012
United States


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