Coffee Break: Cafe Terrace Kikinomori

After our unagi lunch, we looked for a cafe to sit and relax. At this point, it was our last day in Osaka before heading to Tokyo, and we were exhausted from lots of walking throughout the past few days (we condensed our itinerary due to Typhoon Hagibis).

IMG_20191015_140219 copy

We found Cafe Terrace Kikinomori, which is close to Nara station. The place looks like a converted shipping container, but the interior looks cute and homey. During the day, they serve coffee and lunch. At night, it turns into a bar. Menu is mostly in Japanese, so put Google translate or your pocket translator to good use.

IMG_20191015_141431 copy
Jeff’s Americano coffee. Forgot how much it was.
IMG_20191015_141557 copy
Cafe Mocha (600¥, approximately $7.00 CAD)

 Matcha Chocolate Cake (600¥, approximately $7.00 CAD)

Cafe Terrace Kikinomori
5-9 Sanjohonmachi, Nara
630-8122, Japan

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