Eat: PappaRoti

Malaysian-based chain PappaRoti is known for their coffee buns, the sweet buns with crispy crust with a soft, buttery interior, best served warm with coffee. It was apparently started by a mother in Malaysia innovating the roti dough.

I was invited for a private tasting at one of their Mississauga locations. The Confederation Parkway location is located at street level below a condominium, and minutes from Square One shopping centre.

The menu offers drinks, salads, brunch, lunch and dinner fares.

IMG_20191208_112135 copy
Cappuccino ($4.15 for medium, $5 for large)
IMG_20191208_112640 copy
Hot Chocolate ($4.25 for medium, $4.75 for large)
Falafel ($7)
Fatteh (pita crisp, chickpea and yogurt)
Ful Medames (stewed fava beans)

The Original Bun ($4.50 for a single bun).

We opted for a plain bun, which has the caramel coffee crust and buttery interior. It’s a delicious, light bun that isn’t too sweet.

4028 Confederation Parkway
Mississauga, ON.
L5B 0G4

Disclaimer: While the food and beverage were complimentary, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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