Eat: Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte (translates to please wait in Japanese, minus the “kudasai”) is a restaurant specializing in Nikkei cuisine, which marries Peruvian and Japanese food together; using Peruvian ingredients with Japanese cooking techniques.

Essentially it is fusion food.

Chotto Matte has locations in Miami, Soho in London. The location in Toronto is located in the Financial District, which is an area I tend to avoid eating around because food tends to be expensive and the quality doesn’t match the prices.

IMG_20191229_174437 copy

One of Jeff’s friends wanted to try Chotto Matte (they wanted to try the one in London, which is the restaurant’s flagship location).

IMG_20191229_174532 copy

Upon entrance through Brookfield Place, my first impression is that it’s quite nice; it has a lounge-y feel.

IMG_20191229_184020 copy
Nikkei Sashimi ($19.50) – yellowtail, cherry tomatoes, jalapeño, cilantro, yuzu truffle soy

The menu offers sushi and sashimi; some Nikkei-style which meant the sushi and sashimi are dressed in sauces and other ingredients. We skipped out on those as they were quite pricey (financial district pricing) and we prefer omakase. The Nikkei Sashimi wasn’t anything special.

IMG_20191229_185713 copy
Warm Beef Tataki ($19) – smoked aji panca, passion fruit salsa
IMG_20191229_190354 copy
Tentáculos de Pulpo ($25) – octopus anticucho, yuzu, purple potato

The beef tataki and the grilled octopus were the only two good dishes we ordered.

IMG_20191229_190503 copy
Barriguita de chanchito ($18.50) – pork belly, nashi pear, yellow tomato salsa

The pork belly dish wasn’t too good, the meat was a tad dry.

IMG_20191229_190808 copy
Arroz Chaufa ($9.50) – egg fried rice, spicy soy, sesame, cancha

Jeff and I ordered the fried rice as a filler in case the dishes we got weren’t enough. It ended up being the worst dish we ordered. The rice had a texture of uncooked rice and it was so salty.

After the visit, the restaurant was added to my list of restaurants to not return. I was wowed by the ambiance, but the food wasn’t anything to rave about.

Chotto Matte
161 Bay St.
Toronto, ON
M5J 2S1

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