Eat: Peaches (Brooklyn, NY)

Our Airbnb hosts recommended Peaches, an American restaurant with influence of the Southern cuisine. We came here right in the morning before heading to the airport for our flight back to Toronto.

Jim Cade Breakfast ($15 USD) – eggs, French toast, bacon, potatoes

I’m not sure who Jim Cade is (I looked it up and nothing significant came up), but he sure has a hearty brunch named after him.Peaches
393 Lewis Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11233
United States


Eat: Barn Joo 35 (New York City)

We met up with a few of Jeff’s New Jersey friends in New York and had dinner near Korea Town, which I learned is along a small strip of West 32nd Street.

Barn Joo 35 is described as a modern Korean gastropub and far from the typical mom-and-pop Korean restaurants. It has a lounge-y feel and food is mainly tapas-style for sharing.

We ordered more than what I was able to photograph.

6 pieces of fried free-range soy garlic chicken wings ($11 USD)
Steamed Clams ($18 USD) – two dozen fresh steamed clams. The largest clams I have ever seen!
Hwe Bibimbap ($21 USD) – fresh salmon and tuna sashumi, caramelized kimchi, radish, salmon roe, seaweed, etc.

Barn Joo 35
34 W 35th St
New York, NY 10001
United States