Eat: Tinuno

This is essentially taken from my Yelp review about Tinuno, a Filipino restaurant specializing in Kamayan/Boodle Fight feast. I brought Jeff and our friends here to celebrate his birthday.

You can view the entire feast here, taken directly from my Instagram story.

The Kamayan feast is a great communal experience, it’s the kind of feast where more people, the merrier. For $15 per person, you do get quite a lot of food.

Reservations are a must, and if you don’t make one, expect a long wait. The hassle about making a reservation is, you might have to call multiple times until someone picks up the phone. I don’t think they are purposely ignoring phone calls, they are just busy and the place is quite loud. I think I called about 10 times before someone picked up, then another 5 times a day before my reservation to ensure it was good to go.

Even with a reservation, you may still have to wait a bit for your table to be prepared. I’m not sure if that’s the norm here, but I felt it was a bit disorganized when my friend arrived a bit early and was told that our group of 7 people would be sitting outside, but then we got a table upstairs. One thing to note about their upstairs room, it’s a bit sketchy looking —  essentially a bare room with some tables.

The Kamayan feast consisted of grilled bangus and tilapia, grilled calamari, pork belly, pork BBQ, mussels, shrimp, mushrooms, okra, mango salad and garlic rice

A few things to note:

1) Tell the staff you want the Kamayan Feast in advance when making the reservation.

2) Pace yourself when eating; with no utensils to slow you down, you might be eating faster than you realize.

3) Gloves are provided.

4) Don’t bring a birthday cake; although I checked prior if they allowed it, it’s best to have your cake and eat it somewhere else.

My displeasure began the moment when we were not (but almost) done our feast and the bill was brought to us. I get it; there’s a line up and you want a faster turnover, but it’s hospitality 101– it’s a gesture telling us you want us to GTFO. Our table eventually gets cleared and we had to remind the staff that there’s a cake. They didn’t light up the candle we provided, they just brought the cake to us the way we brought it in: still boxed and in a bag. Utensils and styrofoam plates were given, but no proper knife to cut the cake, just a dinky plastic knife.

TL;DR: enjoy the feast. Don’t bring a cake.

31 Howard St.
Toronto, ON
M4X 1J6





Tea Time: Teddy Story

A whimsical cafe and store, Teddy Story is like a little girl’s playground. It’s a place where you’d go with your girl friends for coffee or tea. If you bring your daughter, she will probably walk out with a teddy bear.

It is dubbed the first Teddy Bear cafe in Toronto, it is a bit of Build-A-Bear feel, but you you don’t stuffed a toy, rather you buy clothes for your bear.

I’m past the stuffed animal phase, but came here for the drinks.

Earl Grey Rose Milk Tea and I guess it is Jeff, in teddy bear form.

Teddy Story
82 Adelaide St. East, Unit C
Toronto, ON
M5C 1K9