Coffee Break: Café Integral (New York City)

Next door to Egg Shop, a popular eatery. Put your name down on the wait list and go next door to Café Integral for a cup of coffee.


Café Integral uses Nicaraguan origin coffee beans; having been to many cafés, I don’t think I’ve seen or had Nicaraguan origin coffee.

Café Integral
149 Elizabeth St.
New York, NY 10012


Eat: Pokeh (Hamiton, ON)

The food scene in Hamilton, Ontario is definitely emerging. I have relatives living in Hamilton and I’d remember visiting them through my childhood that the city is quiet, businesses were very mom-and-pop oriented and a blue-collar community as over 50% of steel produced in Canada is made in Hamilton. Eventually the steel industry wasn’t as booming and it impacted on the city’s overall economy. I remember back in 2010, taking the GO transit to Hamilton with my brother; walking from the bus station to my granduncle and grandaunt’s house, we saw plenty of storefronts shuttered.

Now, the city is growing. With cheaper (and bigger space) real estate compared to Toronto, there has been in influx of new residents that now call Hamilton home. With it came a revitalized downtown.

If there’s one place to visit in Hamilton, it is their Farmers’ Market. Like our St. Lawrence Market, Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market has a long history and is the spot for Hamiltonians to get local, national and international foods and artisan goods.

In the lower floor is the location of a popular food stall, Pokeh. Pokeh serves poke, the Hawaiian marinated raw fish rice bowl. Opened in 2015, they are consider (according to them) the first poké bar in Canada; they are around before the poke craze.

With limited seating, majority of Pokeh’s customers take it to-go. We were lucky to score some seats at the bar.

Ahi tuna, green mango, jimaca, carrots, wake, edamame, nor strips, soy/sesame oil, cucumber, green/white onions and sesame seeds. Added avocado for extra cost.

You can build your own bowl. There are gluten-free and vegan-friendly options available.

35 York Boulevard (Hamilton Farmers’ Market – Lower Level)
Hamilton, ON
L8R 3K1