Eat: Genki Sushi (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Not sure why we came here to Genki Sushi (a conveyor belt sushi chain) for lunch; perhaps we were drawn to the Europeans talking trash to each other as they lined up to eat here (it was the World Rugby Cup, and who knew that Canada has a rugby team?), or we craved for cheap, conveyor belt sushi before we headed home.

Depending on the plate colour, prices are 120¥ (approximately $1.45 CAD), 200¥ ($2.40 CAD) and 240¥ ($2.90 CAD).

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20191019150340381_COVER copy
Sea Urchin and Salmon Roe (240¥)
IMG_20191019_145141 copy
Whelk and Surf Clam (120¥)
IMG_20191019_145146 copy
Salmon Trio (200¥)
IMG_20191019_145626 copy
Assorted Tuna Combo (470¥, approximately $5.70 CAD)
IMG_20191019_145936 copy
Yellowtail (120¥)
IMG_20191019_145941 copy
Hokkaido Scallops (240¥)
IMG_20191019_150553 copy
Ark Shell (200¥)
IMG_20191019_150606 copy
Crab Meat (1 piece, 200¥)

The quality of the sushi is decently ok, but it’s definitely made for quick meal, in and out. For the price though, it isn’t too bad.

While it didn’t beat the sushi we had at Sushi Dai, this would be our last sushi in Japan until we come back.

Genki Sushi
24-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya City,
Tokyo 150-0042, Japan


Eat: Kura Sushi (Ikebukuro, Tokyo)

We’re now finally in Tokyo! After riding the bullet train from Osaka and checking into our hotel, we went straight to one of the well-known conveyor belt sushi chain in Japan: Kura Sushi. With hundreds of location throughout Japan, one main reason why people flock to Kura Sushi is that majority of the menu is 100¥ (approximately $1.20CAD). Also, for every five empty plates you deposit into a slot, you get to play a game to win some gachapon (vending machine capsule toy).

We went to the Ikebukuro location, which was a bit hard to find, but a friendly local helped us locate it (it was located in the lower level of a building, across from Muji).

The restaurant has a ticket system, which is all in Japanese (you can get a staff/local to help, or use a translating app) and the staff announces ticket numbers in Japanese, so be sure to ask the staff to say your number in English, or you can learn how to say your number in Japanese and listen hard for it.

We did not have to wait long, maybe about 10 minutes. However, I have heard that it gets busier during dinner. For the conveyor part, there were many empty plates passing by, so we ended up just ordering most of our food on the tablet.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20191016162048254_COVER copy
Iced Green Tea with Uji Matcha
IMG_20191016_155236 copy
Tamago (egg)
IMG_20191016_155405 copy
One piece of Toro (this is 200¥ plate)
IMG_20191016_155542 copy
Hokkaido Scallop (1 piece)
IMG_20191016_155549 copy
IMG_20191016_160239 copy
Thick slice of Salmon (1 piece)
IMG_20191016_160318 copy
Surf Clams
IMG_20191016_160659 copy
I think this is Whelk?
IMG_20191016_160812 copy


IMG_20191016_160858 copy
Salmon Belly
IMG_20191016_160904 copy
Salmon Roe
IMG_20191016_161236 copy
Thick slice of Tuna
IMG_20191016_161609 copy
IMG_20191016_161629 copy
Tuna and Green Onion
IMG_20191016_161855 copy
Unagi (eel)
IMG_20191016_162154 copy
IMG_20191016_162529 copy
Clam Miso Soup
IMG_20191016_163202 copy
Shrimp Tempura

Service was prompt and although the sushi quality is just okay, you can’t go wrong with 100¥.

Kura Sushi
1-19-5 Minamiikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0021