Eat: Little Pebbles

Little Pebbles is a cute little Japanese cafe on Baldwin St., just near the entrance to the street when entered on Spadina.

They serve coffee drinks, but where they most excel is their desserts. They use Japanese juhakuto sugar, which is sweeter without the calories, and moist than granulated sugar. Their matcha desserts are made using ceremonial-grade matcha, which is typically used for drinking, but you get the most purity and taste as oppose to lower grade matcha where you may have to use more of it.

The cafe doesn’t have very much seating, just 2 seats by the window and 3 seats on the side. They do offer take out and pre-orders of their desserts.

Americano, Cortado and Matcha Roll Cake

The roll cake is moist and not too sweet. I do love that there’s good enough of cream to the sponge cake, so every piece you cut has the cream and cake.

Worth a visit if you’re at Kensington Market.

Edit: You know I had to come back here. 🙂

Osaka-style strawberry roll cake


Little Pebbles
160 Baldwin St., Store #4
Toronto, ON
M5T 3K7


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